Belong to the Group of Families Who were Assisted in Saving Thousands of Dollars Getting more Financial Aid to Cover the High Cost of College 

You will not only be given the necessary information you need, you will be advised and educated on  this long process between planning and understanding Financial Aid, you will not be alone 
About Us
With more than fifeteen years of experience and dedication to students and families, Financial Aid Consultants will educate you on Understanding the College Planning process.
Our goal is to guide you on the Admissions and Financial Aid Process.

 We feel so proud to work with students and families to help them achieving  their higher education dreams.

Financial Aid Consultants is an Independent Organization, and we work in private practice.

When we meet with families and students, we identify their desires and needs, after evaluating the provided information from our clients, we then show the parents and the student all the different programs and schools available to them.

Why to Choose us

There is an enormous amount of information on the internet, and considering the busy schedules that families experience  this process is overwhelming, causing more stress in your daily routine.

We will advice you with the best choices in selecting the right Colleges which will meet your needs, the best options, and make a personal agenda with all the required steps for each school you will apply.

We have the knowledge and experience in this field, we know what the Colleges are asking to be admitted.

Financial Aid:
Each Family and student is different and Financial Aid Advise will be different in each case.
We assist and educate families to understand this long process. We help simplify this for you.

Starting the Financial Aid Process with The Department of Education can be confusing for Parents and Students and it's very easy to make mistakes.

We will walk you through step by step with all the applications and all the available choices you could get in order to pay for College, between Institutional , State and Federal Sources.

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